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Stress Management Module

Stress is essence of life and disease. Too much of stress or reduced coping abilities can put demands on your system and can create damage. Many people do not recognize that they are under stress. The first step then is to recognize that the person is under stress and he should take active steps in doing something about it. Facing small doses of stress can act as a creative challenge and can increase your stress coping abilities and enhance your potentialities. Poor stress coping can be due to overwhelming external stressors or several stressors occurring simultaneously or it can be due to inadequate stress coping abilities. Improving different aspects of functioning can help learn to cope with stress. The Purple Centre offers a well structured model to help you develop stress management skills.


Total Duration – 8 hours

Stage 1

  • Definition of stress
  • Stressful situations in day to day life
  • The stress cycle
  • The physiological, emotional and psychological effects of stress

Stage 2

  • Psychological tests to know the stress levels and coping mechanisms
  • Psychological tests to know the effects of the stress on the person

Stage 3

  • Coping methods to reduce stress
  • Specific situations
  • Questions and answers