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Child Guidance Clinic

Facilities to be provided
  • Psychiatric interview with child and parents

  • Play interview and therapy

  • Physical and neurological examination

  • Developmental review

  • Psychological testing including tests for intelligence, cognitive functions, personality testing

  • Neuropsychological testing including tests of perception, visual motor and reasoning abilities, expressive and receptive language abilities testing

  • Achievement-psychoeducational testing

  • Family evaluation and therapy

  • Parent counseling

  • Individual psychodynamic psychotherapy

  • Pharmacotherapy

  • Consultation liaison with allied branches

  • Specialized clinics

  • Child Psychiatrist

The psychiatrist would take care of the initial evaluations, supervision of the psychologists, family and parent counseling, psychotherapy, consultation liaison and specialized clinics.

The outpatient department would run twice a week. The psychiatrist would be available for about 6-8 hours per week distributed over 2 days.

  • One full time or two part time child psychologist(s).

The psychologist(s) would take care of the psychological testing, play therapy, assist in parent counseling. Availability would be for about 8 hours per day.

Facilities to be provided by the hospital
  • Play therapy room

A space of @ 100 sq. feet would be required. The room should be carpeted for safety purpose. It should have shelves to keep the play material. The play material would include nursing bottles, dolls, doll house, toy soldiers, toy animals, playhouse material, clay, toy guns, toy vehicles, airplanes, telephone, toy medical kit, broom, mop, drawing material, crayons, cutting paper, old newspapers etc. The psychologist / therapist would operate in this room.

  • Outpatient clinic office (2 days per week for a total of 6-8 hours) This would mainly be used by the psychiatrist for consultation, pharmacotherapy, psychotherapy, supervisions, family and parent counseling.