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Parent Counselling

As a parent it is important to understand What A child wants.

Success in parenting is a journey, not a destination. Each of the child’s behavior is seen as an opportunity to understand the child more deeply and to support his or her growth, rather than to become locked into a struggle. A child’s particular strengths and vulnerabilities as well as temperamental and coping style also matter. There is a unique mixture of traits, some of which are appealing to a parent, some are neutral in effect and some are irritating. However, the perception also depends on our moods, one day the quality, which is appealing, may appear to appalling the other day. Each parent has a complex collection of responses to the characteristics of his children.

The goal of each parent is then, to somehow be able to even out their feelings, think fondly about their child, give attention, manage to show patience and disapproval and if this does not happen, they feel unworthy or guilty assuming that this surely indicates some fundamental deficiency in their love. This is an incorrect oversimplification: it only further complicates their relationship with their children. Parenting is a strange mixture of stress and joys.

Most parenting workshops are child-centered and emphasize that a child basically wants to behave well and will behave well if he is handled wisely, thus making parents responsible for everything that goes wrong. However, most parents who are caught in this situation feel that it will be a lot faster, better if they can get outside assistance. This is where psychiatrists come in. The topics include:

  • Instructions for behavior with daughters
  • Instructions for behavior with sons
  • Instructions for grandparents
  • Development growth tasks of adolescence
  • Psychological effects of adolescence
  • Needs and concerns
  • Guidelines for parents for dialogue with adolescents
  • Television and movies
  • Adolescent development and career achievement
  • Reasons for academic failure
  • Empathic communication