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For Pharmaceutical Companies

The Purple centre provides the following services to train medical officer associated with a pharmaceutical company.

  • Training of field sales officer  –  Here the medical representatives are trained about the various products. This includes the training regarding the concerned molecule, its effects and adverse side effects, similar molecules, precautions and the unique capabilities of that molecule. Supporting data of research is also used in the training.
  • Pharmacology  –  Here the training is given regarding the pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics in general. This helps in understanding the rationale behind various products and its usage as well as prescribing methods.
  • Audio-visual display material preparation  –  Often the most important points are not the focus of emphasis in the marketing device. This can be corrected through the knowledge of the uniqueness of that molecule which can be then incorporated into the audio-visual display by the medical representative.
  • Selection of information to be distributed to clinicians for the product  – In this era of information overload, it is very important to have to optimum distribution of clinical and research information to be distributed so that the quality can be maintained while not compromising on the information. The clinical knowledge is helpful here whereas research is used as a background.
  • Planning, execution and supervision of CME programmes and product launches for clinicians  – Here it is very important to have the right menu of location, speakers, and topics of the talk as there is intense competition within pharmaceutical companies for the attention of the clinicians. The medical officer can help through his knowledge of his colleagues’ tastes and response patterns.
  • Personality training for organization members  – Here the specialized knowledge of the human mind can help in internal difficulty solving, minimize drop outs and frustration amongst the employees. Various programmes of Human resource development like lectures on motivation, concept formation, proactive approaches, time and self management, effectiveness with people can be taught. Specialized psychometric tests can be used to ferret out unseen problems and these can be addressed.

Planning, execution and supervision of research projects   –  This involves phase three trials and research of the molecule to expand its scope beyond the known one through a comprehensive knowledge of the pharmacokinetics as well as clinical manifestations of the molecule.