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Adolescence is the stage of life when one reaches out towards adult roles and still needs the love and protection of parents. It is a time of identity crisis and profound questioning as one struggles for independence. Adolescence is a problem age. Age when teenagers want to be daredevils, rebels and wild ones.

The lecture on adolescence and adolescent behavior by The Purple Centre includes the following:

  • Adolescents and a need to conform with their peers.
  • Contradictions that worry adolescents throughout this period.
  • Adolescents and display of affection towards elders.
  • The onset of physical changes and awareness of one’s growth.
  • Adolescents typically turn to their peer group for reassurance.
  • Adolescents and inability to cope up with what they are undergoing.
  • The sexual interests are awakened at this time.
  • Adolescents become unrealistic.
  • Adolescents look for role models.