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Personality Choice

Personality choice

I am Saurin Pandya, a 31-year-old assistant administrative manager in a pharmaceutical company. I am very soft spoken, quiet and shy. My wife Nandita, 30 years old, a journalist in a leading newspaper, is very outgoing, cheerful and smart. Many…

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Boredom At Work

Boredom at work

I am Sandeep Patel, a junior manager in an accounting company associated with the government. I have been working here since the last 4 years. I have found that my motivation to work is decreasing a lot. I find that…

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Stress Management

Stress management

Stress is essence of life and disease. Too much of stress or reduced coping abilities can put demands on your system and can create damage. Many people do not recognize that they are under stress. The first step then is…

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