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Fear Of Adulthood

Fear of adulthood

I am Raghuvir Mahesh, a 29 year old lawyer, practicing in the high court. I got married before 6 months and since then my life has become an everyday disaster. My wife Kamini, a commerce graduate from Chandigarh fights with…

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Father’s Shadow

Father’s shadow

I am Shekhar Agrawal, a 30 year old cardiac surgeon. I have recently finished my post-graduation and joined the hospital of my father who is also a reputed cardiac surgeon. He has been a self-made man and achieved this success…

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Personality Choice

Personality choice

I am Saurin Pandya, a 31-year-old assistant administrative manager in a pharmaceutical company. I am very soft-spoken, quiet, and shy. My wife Nandita, 30 years old, a journalist in a leading newspaper, is very outgoing, cheerful, and smart. Many have…

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